Let’s take a look at… The Avengers

Let’s take a look at this picture:

It undoubtfully shows the Avengers in action, serving as a teaser-poster for the upcoming Avengers-movie. You recognise Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America. The other two are Hawkeye (introduced in a cameo in Thor), and Black Widow (plot- device in Iron man 2). Everyone is in his heroic pose, but one charcter definitely doesn’t belong there. Can you spot the black sheep?

Of course, it’s Black Widow (Scarlet Johansson), in her karate pose. While everyone else has superpowers or armors or arrows, she is the most vulnerable one. But as she is also the only woman in the team (though Thor’s long her, he is definitely male), I don’t need to ask you why she is on the team.

I mean, look at her pose. Ass-booby-shot, a classic one. So you can see her three atributes, that makes her belong in the team.

Oh yeah, women rights movements have achieved so much indeed.

Thanks to flip the truck for pointing this out.

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