The good, the bad, and the…Gods?

After the screening of Thor, I left the cinema rather torn. Is it a good movie or a bad one?

So I decided I wanted to do a pro and con list, that should help me in the issue.

The good:

  • Chris Helmsworth is a great Thor
  • Tom Middleton is a great Loki
  • The relation and twist between those two brothers are believeable, reasonable and very emotional.
  • The Asgard-scenes
  • Good CGI
  • Natalie Portma tries her good
  • Fine showdown
  • good comedic moments
  • Often reminds on Masters of the Universe
  • Great after-credits scene
  • Good Stan Lee Cameo
  • Connections to the other Marvel Universe
  • Often looks like a Videogame
  • Has some great Shakespearean elements

The Bad:

  • Rene Russo is nothing more than a unneccessary supporting cast
  • Anthony Hopkin´s Odin spends half the movie in coma
  • Most of the supporting roles are so flat it hurts watching
  • The Earth- Scenes
  • Too much CGI
  • The love story is one of the dumbest, most boring and most unrealistic things ever occurred on screen
  • The fight against Destroyer is laughable
  • unintended funny things
  • It reminds us too much on Masters of the Universe
  • Unneccessary cameo of Hawkeye
  • It loudly shouts “There will be an Avengers movie” in many scenes
  • Ofen looks like a videogame
  • The Gods are Aliens!? Come on…
  • Deus ex machina is overused in this movie

So, this list is not too spoilerful I hope. I didn´t go into detail that much, but it will give you some impressions of what I thought about the movie.

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