2001 – A space Odyssey on the big screen

Every 10 years, the Gartenbaukino plays the film “2001” for one week. These days it´s time again, and I went to see it yesterday.

A few years ago I have seen the film on TV,later due to study I saw clips and got a great analysis, and now I finally could see it on the big screen. And it´s a masterpiece. As a child, I couldn´t quite understand what was going on, but now as an adult with more knowledge, I could make the connections. The visuals, the colours, everythging fits perfectly. From the “Dawn of man” to the near future of 2001 (which is now our past) the actors are great. I understood that only Kubrick could make such a deliberate storytelling.

As a surpirse, the visuals worked as if I WAS there, felt like I was part of the surroundings. And I didn´t need any 3d-glasses to feel so. Isn´t it funny that a movie from 1968 does work better as a 3d movie than actual 3d movies?

and at the end? Yes, the end. The creepy little Starchild, slowly turning its huge head towards the audience, looking straight at us. Who doesn’t get goosebumbs at least then has no heart fpr movies.

I demand you: Whenever you have the opportunity to watch 2001 in cinema, go see it!

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