In Brightest Day, in Blackest Night, no evil shall scape HIS sight

The Green Lantern is coming, and will hit theatres in August (oh, still 3 months… 😦 )

Directed by Martin Campbell (Goldeneye, Casino Royale, Edge of Darkness), and starring Ryan Reynolds, Mark Strong and Blake Lively (<3 🙂 ) , this DC Comic-Book adaptation (NOT to be mistaken for “movielization”!) is about pilot Hal Jordan,  who gets a “magic” ring from dying alien Abin Sur, member of the Green Lantern Corps. Hal also becomes one of them, a protector of peace and justice in the Universe.

By now, there are 3 trailers for the movie, all of them great:

The first Trailer begins like a typical Ryan Reynolds movie would begin: Him waking up beside a random hot chick, who he treats not very well (“there´s water in the tap”) , before he realises he is late for a testflight with his partner and love interest Carol (Blake Lively). Until the point when he meets Abin Sur everything looks like a typical Ryan Reynolds comedy (“Just friends – no sex”). We are roughly a minute into the trailer when a huge turn occurs (as the more serious music promisses), and we know: We are in a Superhero movie!

Let´s hope the film keeps, what the great trailers promiss…

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