Warum Schmetterlinge Fliegen – Review

I haven´t been writing much these days, because I´m very busy planning my next movie. But I know I owe you a review of “Warum Schmetterlinge fliegen”, the movie where I have been working as a directing assistent and making-of guy.

Last Fridey there was the premiere. I was very nervous because the director Jessica Packert would show the making-of she cut (yeah, that´s not my work 😉 ) . Also, after the trailer my expectations were very low in terms of quality and acting (she always casts her friends and family as actors), but to a certain degree, I got surprised.

I mean, the actimg in the movie IS bad, but it almost is as hilariously bad as in those wonderful “Lost Skeleton” movies (I am going to review them in to a later date, but to make it clear: this is almost a compliment 😉 ). It´s fun to watch, and you can laugh a lot. The best actor is still Werner Schuetz, who doesn´t play someone else but himself  😀 sophie Schattleitner (Jessi´s sister) doesn´t a bad job either, though she could have acted much better. Petra Trunner has her moments too, but due to the fact that she has to share her role (“Anna”) with 5 other females (!!!!!!!) it´s really hard to say that she is the leading role.

What about the plot? Erm, it´s really confusing, even though the basic is simple: Young student Anna has the chance to interview her idol, famous singer Nora D. As they meet, they befriend and somehow change each other´s life. But here it starts getting weird: Anna´s life is shown in flashbacks and flashforwards (and some weird imaginations by Nora), and somehow there is always Nora involved (who is seemingly ageless).

I´ll be honest: I don´t understand it either. Noone can :D. It´s very David Lynch-like. And all those different Annas remind us of the great movie “I´m not there”, the Bob Dylan Biopic where Bob Dylan is played by several different actors (Cate Blanchet, Richard Gere, Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, etc).

Well the movie´s runtime is about 40 minutes

But now comes the clue: After the movie its making-of and outtakes, filmed by me, were shown. And it was even longer (45min) than the actual movie. At first, I was very nervous, because while filming, I had my mouth open all the time, and said a lot of stupid things ^^

But, it was not as bad as I feared 🙂 in fact, it was even more popular than the actual movie 😀

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