The Chronicles of the Immortals – Volume 3: The Deathstrike (Der Todesstoß)

For a long time this was the foot of the mountain, the weakest part of the chronicles. And also the first time one considers that Hohlbein has Ghostwriters (unless you have read other books of him)


It´s ten years since the ending of “The Vampyre”. Andrej Delany and his mortal friend Abu Dun have been living as mercenaries and fought in several wars – on both sides. One Night they save the young immortal Alessa from being burned. But Alessa is sick, and dies a few days later. But before she does, she tells Andrej about her tribe, some gypsies from Germany. So Andrej and Abu Dun decide to look for them, and get to the small village Trentklamm.

All the villagers but farmer Birger mistrust them. He tells them that satanic rites are being held in the nearby monastory, and he begs them for help to free his daughter from there. Andrej agrees, but realises it´s a trap when he faces a terrible monster, a werewolf. He fights it, but can only win because he uses the katharsis – his vampiric power to take life without touching his opponent. but this victory has a terrible prize: Andrej loses his immortality and he and Abu Dun being captured by the monks living in the monastory. Only the young monk Tobias is on their side, and wants him to help them killing the werewolfs.

Andrej agrees, but soon realises that there is a lot wrong in Trentklamm.  they hunt down the werewolflike creatures, but realise that they have been tricked, for the Lycans are in fact the villagers. It was all Tobias´plan to destroy the village, in order to hide all evidence of his own sinister existence – he is a true Lycan, a true werewolf. In a chapels basement the final showdown between Andrej, who takes on a more and more wolfish behaviour, and Tobias takes place.


“The Deathstrike” is one of the worst parts in the bookseries. It has many flaws in story and continuity, and for some parts it is boring. There are a lot of questions, which will never be answered, but a few themes will reoccur in other volumes.

You could rather call it a “prequel” to volume 4, as the story around “Alessa´s people” will be followed in the next part.

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