The Chronicles of the Immortals – An Overview [UPDATE 5.4.13]

I am a huge Fantasy-fan, and especially I like the dark-fantasy book series “The Chronicles of the Immortals” (Die Chronik der Unsterblichen) by German Fantasy author Wolfgang Hohlbein.

The plot centers about the immortal swordmaster/ warrior Andrej Delany and his friend Abu Dun, and their journey to find the source/ secret of immortality. On their journeys, they ancounter many foes: Historical villains like Vlad Tepes, Sultan Suleyman, ans Elisabeth Barthory, mythical creatures like vampires, werewolfs, zombies, witches, gods, shapeshifters, fellow immortals and dangerous monsters. Every encounter leaves an impact on them (which they’ll probably forget till the next book).

I like the franchise, because it has a lot of suspense and potential. They characters are tragic, and understandable. At least in the first books. The last few books were rather bad, and I don’t know whether I should continue reading or not. But at least I want you to give an impression on the franchise.

By now there are 14 volumes and one intervolumes, and two comicook-adaptations of the very first volume. The quality differs very much, from excellent to good, weak, and crap. And while reading, you can see that Hohlbein uses many ghostwriters.

In the next weeks/ months / years I am going to review every volume so far. Check it out

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