True Grit

yesterday I was able to watch the big loser of this year´s Oscar ceremony: True Grit (10 nominations, no win)

The second adaptation of Charles Porits novel (The first one being from 1969 starring Johne Wayne) by the Coens, starring Jeff Bridges.

What is to say aout that movie: It is good. All the actors are excellent (especially jeff Bridges and Haylee Steinfeld, who both got nominated). It´s not the Coens´ best movie (I would prefer their satires/comedies The Big Lebowsky, Fargo and Burn after Reading), but another example of their talent as filmmakers, for they are able to work with many movie genres.

The best in this movie is definitly Jeff Bridges as Rooster Cogburn, whose accent is that hard you barely understand him. But he play the role with such a passion, you forget you see the Dude.

I have to admit, at one point I fell asleep not because the movie was boring, but rather because I was very tired and just came from “The Terminator” in the Filmmuseum) and so couldn´t catch much of Josh Brolin´s appearence. But at least I watched the showdown, and got goosebumbs at the scene with the snakes (Oh yes, that was a creepy one)

So, if you want a good modern Western movie, go check this one out.

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