A shortfilm by young Austrian filmmaker Ioan Gavrilowitsch, which he made when he was just 16.

It´s a episode-roadmovie about a 1€-coin´s journey. It slipps through th fingers of many people, and changes their life (yeah, you´re surprised what 1€ can achieve)

It starts with a poor divorced father (Valentin Schreyer), who wants to buy his son´s love by giving him 1€, but the boy is bitchy and throws the coin into the river.

Then there is the company head (popular Austrian actor Reinhard Nowak), who cheats on his wife by sleeping with his secretary (prominent actress Eva Billisich), who wears very tight clothes (in her age).

Next there is the wallflauer medicine student (Magdalena Kronschlaeger), who secretly wants to marry.

Not to forget a sympathic young waitress (Isabella Jeschke) and a robber and a cliche-hobo. All these different people are connected by the 1€-coin.

It´s a good movie, fun to watch, and it has some slapstick elements. Great is the appearence of “Maia-Hofa” (Werner Schuetz and Samuel Machto), the two ambulance men(whose cameo in the movie “Was man Leben nennt” was sadly cut due to production time)

“(P)reise”´s runime is 14 minutes

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