Dark City

This Movie is a good example for dualing. Coming out in 1998, it predated Matrix, which came out in 1999. Both movies share the same plot (or at least for most parts), though they were produced by different studios. However, Matrix is the more popular one, while Dark City is merely forgotten.

But you can see definite simularities in the opining scene:

A Man (Rufus Sewell) wakes up in a hotel´s room bath tub, without any memory. He finds a corpse, and then gets a phone call by a stranger (Kiefer Sutherland) who gives him some confusing clues and orders him to flee the scene, for some bad strangers are going after him. These men, who look a lot like the Grey Men from “Momo” are arriving right then viaelevator, and the man can escape just in time.

In Matrix, Trinity (Carrie Ann Moss) sits in a hotel room and gets a phone call. She is told that agents are about to come, and she should flee the scene. The agents are arriving via elevator, and the woman can escape just in time.

But there are a lot of other simularities: Like Neo (Keanu Reeves), John Murdoch is “special”, has the same abilities as the strangers, and is a messiah like character. Humanity is kept imprisoned, but left unconscious about it because of a “matrix”.

I think the only difference between these movies is the fact that Matrix is a martial arts Action-blockbuster, and Dark City is more like a Film Noir Thriller and has slightly inferior CGI effects.

Which movie do I prefer? I can´t tell, they have both good and bad qualities.

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