The AVGN`s 100th episode

For those who don´t know what AVGN stands for and who stands behind this name:

AVGN is an abbreviation for Angry Video Game Nerd, a fictional internet character, created by young filmmaker James Rolfe. The Nerd´s trademarks are his white unironed shirt, his glasses, his pocket pens and his bad language. His job is to review bad computergames. He plays them, finds out their flaws and curses them. His videos became very popular, and he publishes a new video every month on his website

Rolfe created that character as a gag (then calles “Angry Nintendo Nerd”), when in 2004 he played and reviewed “Castlevania II – Simon´s Quest” (NES, 1988).

He didn´t show himself in the video, that event occured in the 2nd episode “Dr Jecyll and Mr. Hyde”. Though he just did it for fun, the character gained some popularity, and he got his own show with an own intro by Kyle Justin and individual title cards by Rolfe´s best friend Mike Matei.

Today the long awaited 100th episode of AVGN was released. Though everyone expected the episode to be about the awful “ET” Atari game, but no, it was:

R.O.B. The Robot

article contains spoilers!!

The typical series intro gets blasted away right after the first few notes, the title card pops up. Then we get  a quite different opening montage, it looks like right out of an actual blockbuster movie. The thrilling music gives us the feeling of suspense and lets us expact something great is about to come. The AVGN turns up, rather more desperate about the bad games he has to play than usual. He then uninterestedly decides which game to review next: Gyromite.

But wait a minute! Didn´t the title card say he would review ROB the Robot?! That´s right. R.O.B. was an accessory for the NES in 1985, a small root that should bring videogames back to life after the video game crash in 1983. It only provided 2 games, one of them being Gyromite, and was a financial failure. That was of course, before Super Mario Bros came out. But enough history.

So the AVGN plays both games with ROB (with the robot as an actual second player), but gets bored with that “shitty games”, and wants to play other games. But the robot refuses, wants to stay with Gyromite and Stack-up, and finally turns – like any good robots use to be – EVIL! They fight, because ROB wants to – nay, lats just say “take over the world”, that´s classy and sounds better than transmorphing all games into gynomite/ stack-up clones – and the AVGN gets badly beaten-up (Worse than he has ever been beaten- up by any “video game” character before). Will this be the end of the AVGN?

In his unconsciousness he remembers many of those shitty games he once played, what somehow gives him the strenght to rise up and go for a second round. He beats the villain (or is he really a villain – considering his motives), and the winning music starts to play: The ending song to Simon´s Quest, while every transmorphed game turns back. And what you see, are all the bad games AVGN has ever reviewed. The episode goes fullcircle, when at the very end, the Nerd umbraces his beloved awful games. With the last shot on Simon´s Quest, the whole series pays hommage to the beginning.

James Rolfe presented a very emotional episode, that turned on our nostalgic feelings, so that we can remember all those reviews we enjoyed wathching in all that time. Thank you, James. To the next 100 episodes!

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