That thing with dualing

Most of you (in case I even have readers) may think: “What (the hell) is “dualing” “. I have to admit, though I have known what it is about for a long time, I got to know the term “dualing” just yesterday in one of the NostalgiaChick´s videos:


One studio has an idea, and another studio wants to use that idea to produce something similar. A Bug´s Life (Disney) and Antz (Dreamworks) came out around the same time, the same with Armageddon and Deep Impact, and maybe most prominent: Madagascar (Dreamworks) and The Wild (Disney). Another example is Matrix (Warner, 1999) and its predecessor Dark City (NLC, 1998), but I´ll talk about that another time in a review.

This may not be the case for movies, but also for books (look how many churchly conspiracy theory based books got published after the success of The Da- Vinci Code!) and comics (Marvel and DC: DC invents Catwoman, Marvel creats Black Cat, Marvel has the Lizard, DC lets Killer Croc mutate into a crocodile and so on and so on)

Some action scenes in the upcoming Prequel “X-Men:First Class” (20th Century Fox), directed by Matthew Vaughn, are going to be omitted, because they are would resemble the action scenes in Christopher Nolan´s “Inception” (Warner), and they don´t want any comparison (or something like that)

Dualing seems to be daily business in Hollywood. Studio spies, working for either side, may happen to be everywhere, standing in every dark corner in their trenchcoats and hats, smoking and hiding.

Although the last lines may only be exaggeration, this imagination seems not that unlikely.

So Hollywood (finally) became its own conspiracy thriller genre



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